How to Pack the Suitcase

How to Pack the Suitcase

Just in time for the summer vacations by the sea and of course thing packing is the inalienable part of trip preparation. Someone could be better at this than others, but it is still dreary putting your belonging in the suitcase the way they don’t get messy and crushed. I would say this always causes a headache. This article will help you with this complicated matter by giving the few usable tips and techniques that will ease your suffering.

First of all, I have to make it clear that this article is not intended for those over-enthusiastic guys who like carrying along garments for every single possible occasion and end up with the overcharged baggage. It is rather for men who like travelling light and prefer versatility, simplicity and class.

How to Pack the Suitcase

Guide on packing items for the trip

Versatility, simplicity and class are the main principles to follow during the packing process. Opt for the versatile items with a simple cut that will suit any situation. So, you will be able to combine the garments in any possible way for reaching the various looks.

Another trick is going for the easy colors like navy, grey and white for the monochromes and blue, green and pink for adding the brighter shades since these colors are easy to mix and match. Don’t forget to grab couple statement pieces.

Weather is also an important factor to bear in mind. We tend to pack the night before the day of our leave, so it won’t make it complicated for you to check out the weather forecast for the nearest period and depending on that fill your suitcase with goods.

How to Pack the Suitcase

Once you have decided on what you are taking along, start being hardhearted. Look through the clothes once again with fair evaluation of each garment. Remember, holidays are about relaxation and having fun, but not about being a fashionista. Simplicity and wearability are the key elements after all.

And here comes the hardest part- packing. First, take out the clothes you plan to wear during the journey. That could be comfy garments that are less likely to get wrinkled. As for the footwear, loafers are the perfect options since they are soft enough and easy to take on and off.

As for the packing, you may be doing a mistake by simply folding your stuff. Instead try the rolling technique: besides maximizing the space, it prevents your items from getting wrinkly. Simply fold the garment in half length way, tuck in an excess and finally roll from the bottom up tightly. And for the larger items like a blazer, once you unpack it, hand it up when taking a shower or steam for getting rid of the wrinkles.

How to Pack the Suitcase

Clothes for the plane
Chinos or jeans
Polo shirt with short sleeves
Navy blazer
Leather loafers

Clothes for vacations
Pair of jeans
Chino shorts
V-neck jumper
Navy cardigan
Bomber or leather jacket
Polo shirts
Boat shoes

Hope this guide will help you organize the packing process quickly and effectively. Just remember to look for simplicity and versatility when choosing clothes for the trip.

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