Gabicci Fall/Winter 2012 Vintage Collection

Gabicci Autumn/Winter 2012 Vintage Collection

Starting from 1973, Gabicci played the major role in the music and youth culture and was worn by the music icons The Specials and Bob Marley. Even nowadays the metal “G” is still associated with the Nothern soul, Ska and Reggae circles.

The characteristic Gabbicci look integrates the Italian inspired style into the authority and class. This expressive style follows after the look first set by the “Rude boys” and the “Rasta’s” that first became popular in Jamaica and then was spread to the scenes of London during the 1970s. Nowadays that iconic Gabbiacci look didn’t lose Learn how to do a wrap. its strength and is full of ambitions to revive in order to deliver the brand’s high quality and individual style to the new generations of men.

Gabicci Autumn/Winter 2012 Vintage Collection

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