Marni for H&M Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Good news for those who just love masterpieces by Marni, but cannot afford spending the half of their bank account on his clothes. The democratic clothing brand H&M released the men’s and women’s clothing line in cooperation with the high end brand Marni.
In the result of the collaboration there was created the stylish spring/summer 2012 collection. The collection could be characterized as fun and youthful, featuring the numerous garments with the fresh design both of the shapes and prints. It will definitely hit the fan this spring/summer season.
The Italian brand offers the customers the solid collection that uses the sophisticated combinations of classic elements with up-to-date color gammas and fabric. Prints are used with the special pretentiousness appearing either in the form of lining or as the contrast detail on shirt. As for the silhouettes, they are modern, laid-back with the touch of classics and chic. The collection includes the outerwear, shorts, pants, sandals, sunglasses and neckwear.
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