How to Apply Concealer

It often happens that after the all night revel you cannot recognize yourself in the gray faced person staring at you from the mirror. The only thing you want at that moment it getting back to your real face before hitting the office.

By the way, keep in mind that the study revealed that 6 out of 10 managers in Chicago reported that those managers who can boast the well-groomed look are more likely to rise up their ladder of advancement than those looking less-attended. So, you’d better get back to shape before you reach the door of your cabinet.

Apply concealer

You will be mistaken if you consider concearler being a strictly women’s prerogative. Nowadays male celebrities cannot manage their frequent goings out without applying the concealer. With the job market getting more and more vulnerable today, you cannot risk with your job and present yourself in the best possible way, what includs the well-groomed look.

Concealer is intended to hide the redness on your face, dark circles under eyes and pimples. Though using concealer requires some skills. There nothing worse than the obvious signs of your bad applying the concearler. You goal is not to get caught.

How to pull concealer off

Once you washed your face, take the bit of moisturizer and apply on your face. Then take the eye cream and slightly pat it around your eyes- this moment is really important as otherwise you concealer will clog up in the lines and pores. Now you have a time for making yourself a coffee since it takes few minutes for cream to absorb.

As the 10 minutes pass, take the concealer. In fact, the best concealers are not intended for men, but rather for women. Concealer should have the following characteristics: smoothness, light weightiness, besides it shouldn’t make the wrinkles evident. Squeeze some amount on your hand and use it as a palette.
Afterwards, apply the concealer to the corner of the eye and keep patting it all the way down to the cheek bone using your finger. Blend it around the eyes and on eyelid area. Blending is the key element.

If you still consider using the concealer being odd, think about it another way. Every single Hollywood star uses concealer on regular basis for reaching the fresh and glowing look. Who wouldn’t want to look better than he is? I would, but without being uncovered of course. While this isn’t ideal, it’s a clever workaround apple’s app store sandboxing policy

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