How to Take Care of Your Hands

How to Take Care of Your Hands

Belonging to the circle of fashionistas is not just about clothing, it is also about the well-groomed looks starting from the hairstyle, nice hands, clean and ironed clothes etc. Regardless the condition of your hands, you still need to take care of them, at least keep them clean and soft.

As a rule, cuddling hands is strongly associated with women, yet there is a clearly seen tendency of refined men starting taking care of their hands. Our simple guide will make the process of taking care of hands and nails clear and easy.

Guide on keeping your hands and nails well-groomed

How to Take Care of Your Hands

Moisten your hands
Those of us who work with their hands (typing on computer doesn’t really fall in this category) end up with rough and chapped hands. Dipping your hands in the following blends will improve their overall condition and smoothen them.

One of the simplest ways of getting rid of the coarseness is massaging your hands with vegetable oil at least once a week or after the day of intensive labor.

The blend of the lemon juice and rose water in the butter is another helpful mix. Rub this mix on your hands for the ideal smoothness. This method is widely used by the gymnasts for keeping their hands in a good condition.

How to Take Care of Your Hands

Get rid of dark and dirt on the finger joints using the blend of the lemon juice in barley powder. Perform the procedure no less than once a month.

Those of us who are involved with the weights lifting usually suffer from the callous joints and dry skin. The best to fight these problems is soaking your hands in the soap water during five minutes, and then let them dry for couple minutes. Now your hands are ready for removing the dead skin with a sponge.

If the mentioned above methods didn’t bring you the desirable results, you may try the more effective mix. Blend the 1 tea spoon of Glycerin, 1 tea spoon of lemon juice with 5 drop of the rose water. Don’t forget to massage your hands with this oil for at least 30 minutes daily.

How to Take Care of Your Hands

Cucumbers are famous for their smoothening qualities. Massage your hands with a mashed cucumber and then wash your hands after the 10 minutes.

Nails polishing
Nails could be fully called the most important part of your since others tend to pay them the most of the attention. These tips will help you keep your nails strong and healthy.

In case your nails easily break, it means that you are suffering from the lack of calcium. This could be easily prevented by eating calcium enriched foods or take supplements with calcium. This will help you to make your nails harder and thus avoid the breakage of nails.

How to Take Care of Your Hands

The secret of fighting the pale nails is rubbing them with the piece of lemon. Chemicals contained in the lemon juice will lead to the nail color restoring.

In case your nails lost their shine, the delicate massaging them with the warm oil will add the luster. Keep in mind, that it could take a couple weeks for reaching the perfect shine. So I leave you with these questions how can we make sure you could look there that we’re not just paying lip service to students’ critical thinking and communications skills, which are developed and sharpened by units like this one

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