Emporio Armani Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Emporio Armani Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Lightness is the key element of the entire Emporio Armani men’s spring/summer 2012 collection. In this case lightness means modernity, which was achieved by the moving away from the heavy fabrics and traditional trimming techniques.

The collection is fluid, non-structural and slender. The top liners of the entire menswear collection were the jackets of various designing and shapes starting from the one-button to one-and-a half-breasted, but the one detail remained unchanging- the narrow shoulders and the characteristic fit.

Trousers with the relaxed fit and the double darts hardly reached the ankle. The very lightweight fabric made the trousers create the flowing effect and allowed layering them in unique combinations. A perfect example is coupling the trench with a jacket made from the same fabrics (probably the signature Armani crepe or silk) performed in the neutral color gamma with the fading effect.

The same finished and unique approach is felt in every single piece of clothing from this Armani menswear collection: knitwear, leather items and accessories. The brand’s dedication to highest quality and extreme lightness could be also seen in the layered shirts that are remodeled to the t-shirt form and coupled with short blousons from the matching material.

In the collection prevail the subdued and neutral shades including the icy and immaculate blue. The digital prints are the only elements that serve as the spicing up elements. Garments in black limited to trousers and jackets are intended to serve as the evening wear.

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