With summer being just around the corner, we decided to share some tips with you on choosing the right sunscreen cream since the exposing to the ultraviolet can lead to bad consequences such as skin cancer, developing of fine wrinkles, mottled pigmentation and the destruction of the elastic tissue of your skin.

Tips on choosing the sunscreen

Coverage with a broad spectrum of both UVA and UVB will suit all types of skin and is highly recommended for the summer period when the sun is especially hurting.


Dr Tom Mammone, Executive Director of Clinique Global Research and Development, said:

I would recommend a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) range of at least 15 to 30 for both lighter and darker skinned clients. While darker skinned clients require less protection from UVB rays (which causes burning), they still need adequate UVA to help protect against skin cancer.”

Spend some time on choosing the suitable cream
Mammone suggests:

Invest the time in finding a formulation that feels comfortable on your skin, and wear it daily. For oilier skins, a lighter or oil-free formulation will be more appropriate. Those with drier skins may consider switching from a sunscreen to a moisturizer containing an SPF for daily use and layering a moisturizer with their sunscreen at the beach.”


Opt for the scent free cream
The possessors of the sensitive skin should look for formulas that are both allergy tested and fragrance free.

Mammone explained:

You may also want to ensure that sunscreens are encapsulated, so they do not come in direct contact with the skin.”

Get the right formula
Keep in mind that you need different formula for different occasions and activities, so look for certain ingredients according to your plans.


Mammone commented:

Make sure the formulation is appropriate for your activities. For example, moisturisers with sunscreen are designed for daily incidental exposure. For prolonged exposure, such as spending time at the beach, sailing or skiing, use a product designed for that.”

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