Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a recognized icon of style. Being an insatiable designer and a fashion photographer, Ford knows how to bring fashion into his own style. He started his high fashion career back in 1990s when he joined Gucci fashion brand and until the present time Tom Ford have developed his vision of fashion with a sexy approach.

Tom Ford’s Biography

Tom Ford was born in Texas in 1962. Tom studied interior architecture at Parsons School of Design till 1986. By 1999 Tom increased the Gucci brand’s price to $4.3 billion.

Tom Ford

He commented:

We didn’t even have a photocopier at one stage. We didn’t have any paper.”

Ford was soon assigned as the creative and communications director of YSL’s ready-to-wear business after Gucci purchased the controlling stake in Yves Saint Laurent. But he continued designing for Gucci. In 2004 Ford decided to part company with the Gucci group.

So, he then launched his own fashion brand named Rom Ford. He debuted with the menswear, beauty, eyewear, men’s and women’s accessories collection. His directorial debut A Single Man took place in 2010 and starred Colin Firth along with Julianne Moore.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford stated that he spends on the sleep two to three hours per night and keeps his post-it notes next to his bad in case he wakes up with a good idea.

He said:

I’m lucky, I have mass-market tastes. When I say I like a shoe, generally thousands of people will like it.”

In his long-term plans Ford has having children, though the high dedication to work and the longtime partnership with Richard Buckley are speaking again it, and creating a movie.

Tom Ford

Tom said:

That is the ultimate design project. You don’t just get to design what people wear, but you design the whole world and whether characters get to live or die. There is a permanence to film that fashion lacks.”

Tom Ford- Fashion Icon

Seems like Tom was already born with the sense of style. His mother used to dress up really elaborately. So, besides becoming one of the most influential fashion designers, Tom is an established style icon. The degree in the interior architecture gave Tom the sense of proportion and love to simplicity and clear lines, which later became the basics of his style when he started working in the world of fashion.

Tom Ford

After gaining some essential fashion experience from the short-term employment with Perry Ellis, Tom Ford mad a significant move to Gucci and that’s when the style icon appeared. By the moment Tom Ford started working for Gucci, the company was already on the verge of bankruptcy. But the young and ambitious designer saw the great opportunities in this project and used them to promote his vision of style by quickly introducing other lines.

Soon Tom Ford revived the fading fashion house and solely brought sex appeal back to the fashion world at the large scale. The alluring garments along with the seducing and provocative fragrance campaigns reformed the way brands used to market themselves.

Tom Ford

But, subsequently, Tom had to leave Gucci in 2004 for launching his own brand Tom Ford in 2005. And just three years later Tom won the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year award. And the next evidence of his style icon status was the fact that Tom Ford was assigned to create Daniel Craig’s wardrobe for the movie Quantum of Solace (the latest part of the James Bond sequel).

Style Tips from Tom Ford

Nowadays finding Tom Ford’s clothing is quite easy since lately in addition to his boutiques in New York, Toronto and Zurich, there have been recently opened outlets in Milan, Moscow, San Paolo, Puerto Banus and Osaka. But even if you are lucky to live in any of these cities, the prices on Ford’s products can be the serious obstacles for the majority of men. Nevertheless, even without his authentic clothing pieces, you may still pick up and adopt some useful tips from this fashion guru.

Tom Ford

First of all, Tom Ford follows the sophisticated and elegant style, but at the same time he manages to add to his clean cut look the touches of raw masculine sexuality. The sure way to get the Tom Ford’s extremely hot look is purchasing the dark suit with the perfect fit, bespoke suit will work best in case you can afford it. The perfect Ford-inspired suit should have strong shoulders, a tapered waist, lean legs and of course the jacket that goes all the way down to your butt and covers it.

But the more important element than a suit is self-confidence you radiate meaning you feel comfortable with the way you are dressed.

Tom Ford

For acquiring the Tom Ford’s look it is also essential to opt for touchable fabrics that make the dressing up process a pleasant experience. Besides, Tom is not afraid of making the bold statements and being in the center of attention by leaving an extra button open on his shirt or combining the patterns that were initially not intended to go along.

And the last aspect that would make you look the way Tom Ford does- minimum of accessories. Opt for one or two simple accessories at the same time.

Tom Ford

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