Summer Skin Care Tips for Men

There is a wrong belief that women are the ones who have to take care of their skin and head to the spa for the facial and body procedures and the beauty counter for the latest skin care products. Men should know that their skin prone to facial problems as well including the clogged pores and breakouts during the summer period since the size of male’s pores is bigger and the lack of the translucent powder that would absorb excess oil.

Summer months are damaging for the pores. So, men should start look after their pores and keep them clear of oil in order to maintain the healthy glow.

Skin care tips for men during the summer period

Wash face twice a day
Use the high quality cleanser since comparing to the plain soap the cleanser will keep your pores clear and make your skin glow. It is also important to use the special cleanser as it prepares skin for the shaving procedures by getting deep into the pores. Cleanser that contain vitamins A, C and E quickly absorb into your skin and thus leads to avoiding the hairs growing in, besides they are able to you’re your skin the young look.

Apply the toner with glycolic acid daily
Men have the thicker and rough skin comparing to women’s skin, so it can easily endure the use of active ingredients in skin care products like glycolic acid. Glycolic acid helps to keep your pores clear of oil all day long and to decrease the risk of hair growing in after shaving.

Scrub your skin twice a week minimum
Scrubbing allows getting rid of the dead skin cells, which is an indispensable part of the summer skin care. Practice the deep exfoliation at least twice a week in order to reduce the risk of the hair ingrowth from shaving and make your skin look glowing and clean.

Use the moisturizer with SPF
Applying the lightweight moisturizer with the SPF 15 minimum should become your morning routine. It will keep your skin balanced and lower the risk of wrinkles and fine lines appearing. Apply the moisturizer shortly after the shaving producers in order to restore the lost oil. Also apply it before going to sleep for the cells regenerating promoting.

Use aftershave
Every shaving procedure should followed by the use of the aftershave that would moisturize the skin and reduce its sensitivity on the sun. The aftershave with natural ingredients and nourishing oils will provide a more toned complexion.

Avoid the severe acne products before stepping out to the sun
Salicylic acid contained in the acne products make them very effective, but at the same time it dries out your skin and makes it more predisposed to the sunburn. These products are able to weaken the skin’s top layer cells, thus making it more susceptible to the sun. So, use the anti-acne products only at night and thus avoid the skin damage.
Remember that sun can speed up the aging process, so avoid being at the sun whenever possible. UV rays can be extremely damaging for the skin and they are the main cause of lines and wrinkles developing. Overexposing to the sun can also increase the skin cancer risk. To duncan, incentives a priority,

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