David Beckham

David Beckham

Biography of David Beckham

David Beckham (born David Robert Joseph Beckham) was born on May 2, 1975 in Leytonstone, a small town next to London. He is one of the most famous football players at these days. David currently plays for A.C Milan and is on loan from Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy.

He is also one of the leading players of the England national football team. Besides, between November 15, 2000 and 2006 FIFA World Cup finals he was the captain of the national team. He is remembered for winning the hundredth cap for England in the game against France on March 26, 2008. Nowadays he is rated as the most-capped outfield player for his 115 appearances.

David Beckham

David started his sport career at the age of 17 when he signed his first contract with Manchester United back in 1992. During his cooperation with Manchester United, the legendary team won the Premier League title 6 times, the FA Cup two times and the UEFA Champions League in 1999.

In 2003 David transferred to Real Madrid, which is considered to be the most popular football club in the world, where he remained for 4 seasons. In 2007 he signed the 5-year contract with Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy. According to the conditions of the contract David was going to be paid $6.5 million per year.

David Beckham

David Beckham is married to Victoria Beckham, ex-singer from the popular girls band Spice Girls. The couple has 3 sons and a daughter. The family currently lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Personal Style
David Beckham was called by the newly-coined term “metrosexual” by Mark Simpson, who was actually the term’s primogenitor. And his naming in fact perfectly suited the image of the most popular English football player. David loves to be in the thick of action on the football field, but this doesn’t prevent him from being the good-looking well-groomed man off-field.

David doesn’t have any special preferences in clothes- he doesn’t stick to one particular style. Seems like he enjoys wearing clothes of different styles starting from suits to hoodies. I would say David has all the possible types of clothes you may think of in his wardrobe.

David Beckham

He is the perfect example of combining the true masculinity with the regular pedicure, tanning and £200 haircuts. Besides, the LA Galaxy star’s possession with his looks along with the natural attractiveness is quite profitable. Nowadays Beckham brand became more than just the face of the celebrity, it became the whole fashion and grooming industry. David issued his own collection of fragrances and constantly appears in the various high end ad campaigns.

David Beckham’s Hairstyles

David Beckham

Style Secrets
The secret of David’s style lays in his ability to mix things up. The following things allow him to keep people’s interest to his personality: be in the stream of the latest trends, knowing the dressing basics, readiness to wear items that are considered to be out of context, switching the looks and style on regular basics and breaking the established style rules. Maybe that’s why people like David’s style: he is inspiring, different, confident and cool.

David Beckham

Style Tips
Of course, if you are already reached the David Beckham’s style reputation, you may wear just about everything and compose your look in different variations, but there are still basic principles that even David Beckham relies on. The following items have solidly settled in his wardrobe: sunglasses, all types of hats, belts overloaded with hardware, long scarves made of wool, logoed t-shirts, purses, and of course the well-fitting suits for the red carpet outgoings.

But David’s collection of jeans is worth of the special attention. Seems like he has tons of jeans of various types, however his favorite model is the slim-fit, boot cut jeans with little fading, they kind of look fitted and a bit baggy at the same time and would suit practically every situation and place.

David Beckham

So, don’t save on the good pair or two of high-quality jeans since they are the building blocks of your wardrobe that could create the great variety of ensembles for any situation. The plaid shirt, tie and cardigan coupled with jeans- what a nice set for the smart look. T-shirt with prints, necklace and ethnic-inspired bag along with jeans would be perfect for the friend’s party. David Beckham showed by his personal example that there is an endless amount of possibilities.

David Beckham remains the fashion icon and an inspiration for men worldwide for the several years in a row. His style lays in his benting to experiment with fashion and hairstyles, but it doesn’t decrease his masculinity in no way. he is the subject of numerous articles and magazines covers. David’s image not only demonstrates that it is normal for men to take care of them, but it is cool to do so.

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