Don’t Argue About Money

Don’t Argue About Money

In case money is the hot topic in your house, you should know that you are not the only couple that tends to argue over money. Besides, financial management was not included in the high school program.

Jean Chatzky, financial expert, said:

Young people don’t receive any financial education whatsoever. We’re typically uncomfortable with things we don’t know well—that’s the primary reason we have trouble talking about money.”

Learn how to stop arguing over money

Arrange a meeting

Don’t Argue About Money

According to Chatzky, keeping in mind the fact that you will spend half an hour discussing the financial issues at noon each Saturday will allow you to get prepared for the conversation. Sure, sometimes these conversations can be upsetting, but it is still better to have a constructive discussion of your weekly budget and upcoming expenses. You don’t necessarily have to come to the conclusion, it is ok to stop at any moment if you feel it is getting too heated and continue the next week.

Be open

Don’t Argue About Money

Don’t try to hide your expenses from your partner, sooner or later it will be revealed and this time it will hard to bypass the divorce.

Chatzky said:

Financial infidelity—when we hide information from our partners.”

According to the recent study couples that disagree on finances once a week were 30 percent more likely to divorce than couples that disagreed only couple times a month.
Keep separate accounts

Chatzky commented:

There is a vast misconception that just because a couple marries, they have to become the same person—it’s simply not true.”

Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D., CEO of Marriage and Family Therapy of New York, added:

I’m a big believer in yours, ours, and mine accounts. Keeping separate accounts preserves financial independence and levels the playing field for conversations about money.”

Don’t blame

Don’t Argue About Money

Atwood explained:

Blaming is destructive. Saying, well, I paid all your bills when we got married won’t move you towards a solution. Instead, ask this: What do you want to accomplish this year, in the next five years, and in the next 20 years with your money? Then, what are the changes you can both make in order for that to happen?”

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