Short Suits- Spring/Summer Menswear Trend

Short Suits- Spring/Summer Menswear Trend

As the weather is getting warmer every day, it is time to bare your legs and shorts are the perfect way to keep the business look with the highest comfort. Lately, shorts have smoothly transferred from the casual item to a more formal wear. So, the pair of short is the must have of this summer season.

If it became clear what to wear on the bottom, it is still remains a dilemma what to wear on the top. Sure, the classic combinations with the plain t-shirt or the sweatshirt are still actual, they may seem to be bit casual for some men. Therefore I am presenting you the trend of the coming season- short suit.

Short Suits- Spring/Summer Menswear Trend

Short suits trend

The short suits consist of 2 pieces just like the regular suit with the only exception of trousers that are replaced by shorts. Today they are considered to be the perfect summer wear for the formal look. There is no a better ensemble for the hot summer day that can keep you look stylish and cool and at the same time official. However, they won’t be appropriate for some office environments.

Your perfect shorts should not be necessarily bought in the high-end boutique. I would advise you to use the service of a good tailor that would cut your old chinos or trousers. It is not only money-saving, but also practical since it is hard to find perfectly fitting shorts in mass market brands. You may also purchase two pairs of trousers with a blazer and have them transformed into shorts and thus improve the flexibility and diversify ways of wearing one ensemble.

Short Suits- Spring/Summer Menswear Trend

Sure, one of the main things to pay attention to while buying a short suite is fabrics. Instead of wool and any other heave fabric, opt for the cotton, linen or mixed light fabrics since they are breathable.

How to wear a short suit

If you like substitution in ensembles, you may smoothly replace the jacket with a waistcoat. However, the three-piece short suit would look far too formal, besides extra layer of clothing wouldn’t be beneficial during the warm day.

In case the short suit seems to be too official, opt for the separates. By combining the two elements of different colors will allow creating the casual look and stepping away from looking too business. The following color palettes would be nice to wear during summer months: camel with navy, blue with red, white with pink.

Short Suits- Spring/Summer Menswear Trend

Short suit is definitely is not intended for guys who are embarrassed of showing their baring legs. Short suit is a more risky ensemble than your typical summer wear, but if you want to be in the latest trend and position yourself as a stylish person, the short suit is what you should stake on during the warm summer days. Recent additions this smart playlist operates according to the following principles my rating is not 1 stars / 2 stars / or 3 stars, limited to 60 songs selected by recently added

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