Pastel Colors- Summer 2012 Fashion Trend

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

With summer being just around the corner and with warm sunny days on their way, it is time for us to form our wardrobe for the summer season. We all know that color sometimes is everything that matters.

After the numerous decades of basic colors being the foundation of men’s wardrobe, this season men all over the world can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow in full and a pastel palette in particular since it is the color trend both in men’s and women’s fashion. Even if you are the type of person that doesn’t like excessive attention, you will hardly avoid this general trend.

So, nowadays bright colors are something habitual in men’s wardrobe, it became an established element of menswear, but it still isn’t something everybody feels comfortable wearing. Some men still embarrassed stepping out of the house wearing a pink shirt. Though, the various shades of colors allow everybody find something for himself.

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

Pastel colors trend

Pastel colors are winning their way on becoming the hottest trend of summer 2012. Seemed like the fashion designers were all at once fascinated by the pastel palette since it is everywhere this season.

Advantages of the pastel colors

If you are still cannot venture to wear the garments of bright colors, the softer shades of pastels are the best alternative for you. You may simply combine the colors of bolder shades with pastel items and thus make the pastels an accent instead of a statement.

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

The soft shades of pastel color are versatile. They are easy to be combined with items of other colors without the threat of colors conflicting.

Pastel shades are classic and thus timeless. While the bold orange might be the hottest trend during couple seasons or so, the fashion for the pastels will definitely last much longer. Besides, softer colors can suit people with different skin shades. It is much harder to make the fashion fail with the pastels, while bold colors need the carefully considered decisions.

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

Despite the laid back character of pastel colors, they can still play the role of the statement accent. In combination with the neutral clothes, pastel items will definitely stand out and become the central attention-catching element.

I would divide pastels into 2 groups: delicate and bold. Let’s talk about each group separately.

Delicate pastels
The subtle tones of pastels make it easier to pair them with other clothes. Besides, they can suit the bigger variety of people. The delicate pastels element can appear in the form of the bright pair of socks flashed under the rolled trousers or a tie on the snow white shirt.

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

Even if you plan to add just the small pastel element in your look, keep in mind that confidence is the key component of your success. You should be comfortable with the way you look and if you are not, it will be visible with every move of your body even more than you can imagine. So, once you decide to bring the color to your everyday wardrobe, go as far as feel comfortable with.

Bold pastels
For those men who are not embarrassed of being noticed and discussed, opting for bolder colors won’t be a problem. Combining the blazer in pastel shade with chinos and a tie will definitely show your inner Preppy. Pastel colors trend is definitely more long lasting comparing to the vivid mates, so don’t be afraid of investigating in them.

Pastel Colors- Fashion Trend of Summer 2012

And I should mention it one more time- good look is all about confidence. You could dress in the perfectly matching items, but working a garment into your look that would be the largest part of the outfit is the higher level skill. You must love wearing clothing rather than hiding something behind it. The upcoming nces-sponsored study of charter schools relies on similar methodology, mr

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