Make a Woman Happy by Complimenting Her

Make a Woman Happy by Complimenting Her

The latest research states that complimenting a woman is the number one method in improving her mood; it leaves far behind sex, shopping and chocolate.

Almost half of 1,056 polled British women aged between 25 to 45 years old stated that they enjoy more having their hair done than eating a piece of chocolate. While third of women said that dressing up gives them a bigger boost than having sex. As for shoes, nearly 1 in ten women stated that taking a walk in their sexiest heels definitely makes them feel better.

Though, being with a messy hair or arguing with a partner can immediately ruin women’s mood and lead them to loosing sparkle.

64 percent of interviewed women said that the nice weather is something that can put in a sunny mood, while 41 percent found a compliment or a nice text message a perfect mood lifting method.

Make a Woman Happy by Complimenting Her

So, as it was found in the poll, women pay a lot of attention to the way they look- 35 percent of women admitted they put make up on and dress up in order to improve their confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin.

This factor is so powerful that women even called having their hair done as a more confidence-boost method than the work promotion, a gym session or a date with a hot guy.

Dr Pam Spurr, relationship expert, said:

In a world where we all lead busy lives and many things are out of our control, it’s natural for us to focus on those things that we can control – such as how we look. But rather than being a tactic for attracting the opposite sex, for women, looking their best is all about feeling confident.”

He added:

If we feel that our hair and makeup looks good, or we’re pleased with the outfit we’re wearing, this not only has the power to alter our mood for the day ahead, but can have a long-term positive effect on our self-esteem.”

Make a Woman Happy by Complimenting Her

But the attractive look is not the only thing that can make a woman happy. Throughout the poll 90 percent of women stated that doing spontaneous things able to lift their mood and make them sparkle.

Dr Spurr continued:

Women are stretched and pulled in so many different directions – often everyday life doesn’t allow for much change in routine, so it’s no wonder we’re craving spontaneity. Changing everyday habits helps us to feel like we’re living life to the full – and that doesn’t have to mean jumping in your car to go on a road trip – it can be as simple as saying ‘yes’ to a last minute catch up with friends after work instead of going straight home.”

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