Guide to a Productive Morning

Does every single morning in your life start like a scene from Zombieland with you in the role of the zombie? Skipping breakfast may be the main cause for that. Review of 134 studies on breakfast carried by the University of Leeds in the UK discovered that our memory, problem-solving skills, verbal facility and few other measures of cognitive ability suffer when you avoid taking the most important meal of the day. The latest research presents the method that will help you to get the most beneficial elements from your breakfast in the morning. Partitioning There was a 35 percent improved noticed in erbal facility and problem-solving skills among those who practice partitioning breakfast into four small meals consumed an hour apart according to the study by Cardiff University in UK. The study explains it by the regular energy supply received in the form of blood glucose. Nuts Breakfast4.jpg The Spanish research found that people who used to eat daily a small handful of walnuts rich with polyphenol were observed to have the working memory improve by 19 percent. Polyphenol is an effective way to reduce oxidative stress that can help you to improve communication among brain’s neurons. Walk Man-walk.jpg.jpg The 20 minutes’ walk can improve your cognitive flexibility- the brain ability to generate the row of ideas and answer when facing the problem- by 16 percent, states the study by the University of Illinois. The researchers link it to the cerebral blood flow and augmented levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Protein Breakfast.jpg The Japanese research states that consuming protein-rich products during breakfast leaded to the 20 percent boost in brain activity as compared to the total absence of breakfast or breakfast with high content of sugar. That happens because protein gives your brain the constant source of energy. So, replace pancakes with jam on the top with boiled eggs. Caffeine Breakfast1.jpg take a small piece of dark chocolate in the morning instead of your average cup of coffee. Research found that dark chocolate can improve flow of blood and level of cholesterol. Besides, it can even help you lose some weight. Average starting salaries for business, engineering, and computer-science occupations in anyone can find out more 2008 range from $43,459 to $63,749, according to jobweb

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