Muttering a Word a Few Time Helps to Focus

Muttering a Word a Few Time Helps to Focus

The first sign of madness is supposed to be talking to yourself, but according to the new study it also has the practical use. The study carried by the University of Pennsylvania showed that muttering the same word such as “keys, keys, keys” can actually help your find the lost keys.

Saying the work out loud helps to focus your mind

Moreover, it is more effective than the written description. Repeating the word over and over again works even better.

The previous study examined children speaking to themselves while doing step-be-step tasks. It was found that this leads to behavior guiding and focusing on the job in hand.

However the scientists were not sure whether the same principle would work with adults. Professor Gary Lupan and professor Daniel Swingley suggest in the article for Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology to mutter the word “keys”. They believe this is an effective way to find them.

Muttering a Word a Few Time Helps to Focus

The researchers conducted the series of experiments studying this phenomenon. During the first one the participants were shown 20 pictures of various objects and were asked to find a particular one with some seeing of a text label informing them on what they were looking for.

Later the participants were asked to do the same actions with saying the word to themselves. The results showed that this time objects were found more quickly.

The second experiment involved participants performing a virtual shopping assignment. They were shown the photos of common for the supermarket products. They were asked to find the placement of particular products. For example, for apples they had to find all the bags of apples for the shortest period of time.

Muttering a Word a Few Time Helps to Focus

So, consequently both the researchers from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and University of Pennsylvania discovered that there was an advantage in saying the name of the product out loud while searching for it. Friedman, who directed the new york hall of science for more than 20 years

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