Top Five Men’s Rare Diseases

We, people, always worry about health issues: body looks, weight loss, work out and good shape and much more… But on the fringes of the normal world lies the territory of extremely rare diseases. Rare disorders encompass the everyday life for some unfortunate or fortunate individuals. In this article we will try to look though most rare and bizarre diseases known, that are befalling specifically men.

List of Rare Diseases Affecting Men

1. Hemophilia.
Suppose you get a tiny cut while preparing a dinner for your beloved. Now you would not notice any excessive amount of blood, except if you are a hemophiliac. This is a genetic blood disorder and manifests itself in failure of clotting the wound. In most severe cases, people might be experiencing blood loss even from a small scratch. Though women can inherit the disorder, it mostly affects men. Not a very masculine body reaction to bleed severely from a single scratch, but that is the point of it being a rare disease.

2. Milkman, or male lactation phenomena.
This condition was recognized even in Darwin’s times, except that usually it was reported in mammals only. Well, not any more. This condition can be caused by side effects of the female hormone drugs that are usually used in treating prostate cancer. Male lactation usually is spontaneous and happens after stress situations. There were reported cases of lactating men after World War II, in those saved from concentration camps. But getting back to here and now, you might be surprised, but some men are really happy to be breastfeeding their children.

3. Kallmann Syndrome.
The scientific title for this rare disease is “Hypogonadism with Anosmia”. To translate it to simple English, this title describes the disorder’s effects on the body. Hypogonadism means that the genitalia are underdeveloped due to hormonal imbalance and thus fail to produce sex cells, meaning that the person is sterile. The Anosmia part of the disorder means that the person is experiencing complete or partial loss of smell. Statistics show that the disease is affecting mostly men and is extremely rare.

4. Couvade syndrome.
The condition displays itself in male experiencing pregnancy symptoms along with a mother-to-be. It is also called sympathetic pregnancy. In extreme cases, it’s not only headaches and mood changes, but the formation of the belly that resembles a seven month pregnant woman. The causes are considered purely psychological and usually go away with the birth of a baby. It might be annoying having two expecting mothers, however this experience is very bonding for partners, expecting a child.

5. Capgras syndrome.
It is a rare disease where the person fails to recognize his loved ones. The person with rare disease has a delusion that this “mother” (or any other loved one) is an identical clone and has nothing to do with his actual loving and caring mommy. This rare disorder can be met in schizophrenia patients and after brain injuries. So as soon as this mother enters the patient’s room (say after a head injury hospitalization), he would scream at her face: “Imposter! Fraud! Where is my real mother?” Imagine how surprised would the mother be.

So now, you know the worlds’ most bizarre medical conditions. In this list of rare and weird disorders, we tried to grasp the known and unknown aspects of that world on the edge of modern science. Stay tuned for the conventional world of “normal” diseases and cherish your health.

Darüber hinaus bleibt es ihnen ja unbenommen, selbst auch hin und wieder einen versuch aufzubauen

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