Highly Effective Exercising Technique

Highly-Effective Exercising Technique

Variety in exercising allows keeping your workout process fresh, but there are still certain limits. In case you plan to try the reverse Canadian windmill extension without mastering your basic skill before, you will be eventually laying and kissing the mat. The personal trainer from Houston Carter Hays has developed the series of 6-week workout session. This session will allow you to gradually move from basic exercises to more advanced and thus more rewarding to your body shape. In the result you will avoid the boredom and become an improved lifter in short terms.

As for the weight exercises, you should start with the amount of weight that will lead to finally getting the perfect shape. Starting on the second week with just two exercises once or twice a week.

Weeks 1-2: Pushup

Doing three sets of pushups before failure will become a great base for the heavier workouts. Lay having your face down and hands outside the shoulders. Try to tighten your core and glutes and then push off the floor all the way until your arms are straight. Afterwards gradually drop your body allowing your chest to touch the floor.

Highly-Effective Exercising Technique

Weeks 2-3: Barbell bench press

Without canceling the pushups, add the following workouts: three sets of 12 repetitions. Lay your back on the bench having your feet standing flat on the floor. Use the overhand grip with removed uprights. Your hands with your palms facing away should be placed a little wider than your shoulders. Slowly pull down the bar to your chest a little below the nipples. A small pause. Afterwards press the weigh up all the way until your arms are straight.

Weeks 3-4: Dumbbell bench press

Adding this progression in the third week of your session will help you to stabilize your arms, increase the range of motion and stabilize the strength on both sides of your body. Go for three sets of 12 repetitions. Lay your back on the bench with the weights along your chest. Press the dumbbells up in straight direction, and then lower them. An alternative option: hold the dumbbells overhead in each hand. Lower each hand to your chest and back up by turn.

Highly-Effective Exercising Technique

Weeks 4-5: Stability push-up

During this period you should combine the pushups with dumbbell workouts in order to strengthen your chest and core. Actually you should do that to failure, but for your safety, during performing the first set pause once or twice before the actual failure. Do the pushups on the flat surface. Next step is positioning yourself having your shins on a Swiss ball and hands on the floor. Lower your body until your arms shape an angel of 90 degrees. And finish with placing your hands on the ball directly under your shoulders with having your toes on the floor. Turn your arms so the chest touches the ball and then push up.

Weeks 5-6: Swiss-ball chest-press

Finally you should add the Swiss-ball presses. Do the same progression as you did with the dumbbell bench press, which allow the overall chest development owing to increasing the neuromuscular control. Lay your back on a Swiss ball. Bond your abs and glutes to enlarge your hips in order for your body to form a plank. Press the dumbbells over your head, then pause, and afterwards gradually lower the weight back down. www.topspyingapps.com/

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