How to Dress for Your Height

 How to Dress for Your Height

The main trouble of the modern men is not knowing what clothes benefits their look the best. Some of us tend to appeal to professionals in the face of a personal shopper that is in charge of assisting an individual in choosing and combing clothes in a personalized way. Nowadays not only women tend to organize their closet using the professional adviser, but also the increasing number of men that prefer to consign the way they look to the professionals.

When starting creating the own stylish wardrobe, it is essential not only look for clothes that is the hottest trend of the season, but first of all pick outfits and according to your height and body type. In case with personal shopper, they tend to perform a morphological study and then based on specific cuts find you matching outfits.

But just a few of us could afford hiring a professional style consultant. So, I am offering you a few tips that will help you to feel more comfortable during the shopping process. This information will give you a clue about the formal wear that will match your body type best.

Style tips for short men

 How to Dress for Your Height

Coats: the three quarters length gives the figure a narrower silhouette and creates the feeling of elongation. So, shorter men should opt for the coat length above the knees. The double-breasted jackets of a shorter length will make your figure look cut in many levels.

Pants: waist line right on your hips is the most favorable option. Also avoid baggy pants with straight silhouette.

Suits: go for the pants and jacket of the same color with good fitting in order to stretch your silhouette. Double-breasted jacket is a big no.

Style tips for tall men

 How to Dress for Your Height

Coats: tall men look great in bombers-shaped short jackets, which are the hottest trend for the Fall/Winter 2012/2013. Double-breasted jacket and blazers in this case are also very topical. The big prints and drawings could visually make the body a little shorter.

 How to Dress for Your Height

Pants: tall guys have the great range of pants styles, but cigarettes would look the best on your long legs. In case you don’t like to be stuck in tight pants, you may opt for the straight type.

Suits: one of the main advantages of high stature is the ability of wearing suits of various types, but the three-bottom good fitting ones is a 100 percent good choice. There is always an aspect of thinking site weblink for yourself, she said

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