Myths About Your Outward Appearance

myths appearance

Мyths, fables… whatever you call them, when it comes to outward appearance, we tend to take them seriously. But this is not necessary. Because often there is not much truth in the tips that we get about having better appearance. Here are the most popular myths that we will dethrone.

If you do not clean your face regularly you will get blackheads

myths appearance

If you do not wash your face well, this can lead to blockage of the pores and consequently to the appearance of blackheads. However, excessive cleaning, especially in scrubs, can make matters worse. It irritates the skin and also it compensates the loss of moisture by producing more sebum. The middle ground is to learn to use daily a gel without any abrasive particles.

Anti-dandruff shampoos remove dandruff

myths appearance

Yes, they remove it. But using the same shampoo every day, does not actually cure you from having dandruff. If you use a anti-dandruff shampoo too often, it can dry your scalp. Therefore, you should switch the antidandruff shampoo with a one which is suitable for everyday use.

Your hair turns gray because of stress

myths appearance

Debatable. There is evidence that stress generates free radicals that can cause the fading of melanin (the pigment responsible for our hair color). But graying does not happen overnight. And even if this myth has some truth, stress contributes to more to the inevitability of the process.

Wash your teeth after every meal

myths appearance

Sounds like a good idea to wash your teeth immediately after eating, but the truth is that this can damage the tooth enamel. Dentists advise to wait at least 30 minutes after you meal before washing them.

The more shaving cream you put, the better the result

myths appearance

Too little shaving cream is not good, but putting three times more does not guarantee a better result. The most important thing when shaving is to find such a product that moisturizes your skin. And for best results you should put as much cream so that you could cover the skin.

Do not use moisturizer if you have an oily skin

myths appearance

Moisturizer do not pour more water inside the skin. They help the skin retain in it itself its own moisture for long as possible. And they also act as a barrier between the skin and the outside dirt. However, if your skin is too oily, clean your skin just before having to apply moisturizer.

The hats may cause baldness

myths appearance

Unless glued to your head and preventing the blood circulation, there is no problem to wear a hat as much as you want. Baldness is genetically embedded. So do not blame it on your hat.

Eating chocolate triggers acne

myths appearance

Many types of acne have nothing to do with what you eat. This skin problem is usually a result of stress or changes in hormone levels, sometimes it could be inherited genetically. As long as you do not overdo it with chocolate, there is no problem in eating it. Puerto rico also faces significant challenges compared with most states

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