Which Alcohol Causes The Worst Hangover

alcohol worst hangover

We also like you have suffered from severe drinking nights and have cursed the hard liquors, promising ourselves that we will never ever drink again. Well at least I did. It is easy to talk say that you will never do it again, but it is quite difficult to keep it while you are on the table, especially when you hear the sound of clinking glasses filled with delicious liquid.

It is very important what kind of alcohol do you drink, how you drink it, how much you intake and with what do you mix it. Here’s what you need to avoid.


alcohol worst hangover

There is no dispute that the morning consequences from the sweetened wine are one of the worst. In general, alcohol with a high sugar content causes a severe hangover. Insufficiently fermented homemade wine can even have a more severe effect on you if you have had lots of quantities the previous night. However, in moderation, the wine is a true elixir for the health and the soul.


alcohol worst hangover

Champagne is based on the same principle as wine. Large quantities of the sweet and sparkling drink will have a bad consequences for you on the next day.


alcohol worst hangover

This is another alcohol which is rich in sugar and will make you curse it the morning. If you overdo it with brandy the hangover will be incomparably disgusting.

Sweet cocktails

alcohol worst hangover

Cocktails such as “Long Island Ice Tea”, “Mudslides” and “White Russians” are easy to intake but difficult to absorb. The more liqueurs you have mixed with hard stuff the worse you will feel afterwards.


alcohol worst hangover

You are 100% sure that mixing drinks is bad and you are 100% unwilling to keep it. But let this become a golden rule – when you go out at night choose to drink only one type of alcoholic beverage. If you keep this, we guarantee you that in the morning you will feel fresh as a daisy (or close to it).

Fake alcohol

alcohol worst hangover

This is a needed advice if you are headed for a holiday to some less advanced tropical country. If you want to pay less and get some obscure beverages, then you should get ready for a tough headache on the next day. Even if they are not fake, some alcohol brands really need to be banned so that they will not ruin our health. Textmate 2 is a complete rewrite with tons of transported over here new features including split view and fullscreen modes

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