Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Light Colors

Well, as it usually is with fashion, warm season implies lighter colors in clothes. Fabrics are naturally should be lighter, breathable and soft. Think linen, cotton and bamboo. To get the relaxed look wear pre-wrinkled clothes. Do not get carried away though with this as you may end up with just-out-of-bed look.


Much of the style depends on how you can handle layers, but they are also required as it is not summer yet. Cardigans and jackets will help warm up and create a stylish outfit. By the way motorcycle jackets are ‘in’ this year so if you fall for leather, you won’t fall out of trend.

Flared Jeans

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Yeah, jeans are all-time classics and this year flares and bell bottoms are featured in men’s jeans too. The hem is not as wide as in traditional bell bottoms though. It’s a little wider than a boot cut but with the slimmer thighs and waist the contrast makes it look defined and more like bell bottom. Flares can be found in trousers as well, by the way.

If you are tired of jeans and want some air during hot summer days well-fitted chinos is what you need. Just be sure they sit perfectly at the bottom, thighs and don’t sag. They will help create flattering but comfortable-to-wear look.


Swimsuit should be sexy. It should sit just below the hip and end at the midthigh area. Opt for bright colors but stick to solids and leave garish prints aside.

While suits are a classic and aren’t really changing from season to season they do get an upgrade every once in a while. So the modern suit is classic and masculine. Its cuts broaden shoulders and accentuate male’s physique. The waist and trousers are made slim.

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Single-breast jackets can have sleek to medium lapels and a square pocket. Handkerchief should be shown subtly. They can also have medium pointed lapels and dual buttons. As for double-breasted suits, their modern version now is meant to show off your trim figure with V-shaped cut. It also features peaked lapels and its square pocket handkerchief should show off. Like this post on facebook reopen recently closed safari tabs on iphone, here’s how redmond piehere’s how to reopen recently closed http://phonetrackingapps.com/ how to track android phone tabs in safari web browser in ios on an iphone, ipad or ipod touch device

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