Grilled Meat: Healthy Or Harmful

grilled meats

Whether grilled meat is bad for your health has been a subject of scientific debate for many years. This issue becomes particularly relevant in summer, when weekend barbecues become more frequent.

What the actual problem

The problem with the grilled meat is that according to a number of researches it contains carcinogenic chemicals. Experts say that eating large quantities of grilled meat may increase your risk of developing cancer. This also applies to meat, fried in a pan on high heat.

The biggest danger comes from the consumption of roasted and charred meat. The risk is the same for any kind of meat as well as seafood.

What increases the risk?

grilled meats

Cooking at a very high temperatures leads to degradation of the creatine amino acid  which is contained in meat. This process leads to the formation of heterocyclic amines which are carcinogenic.

Should we give up the grill?

Does this mean we should stop eating grilled meat? No, as long as you do not eat it too often and pay attention to the tips below.

What can we do?

grilled meats

There are several things you can do in order to protect yourself from the potential adverse effects of grilled meat:

1. Grill the meat at a low temperature Even if this can increases the cooking time, the waiting is worth it because the meat will be healthier.
In order to cook at lower temperatures, you can simply give up the grill and bake meat in the oven or stove. If you want to fry it you should reduce the temperature as well.

2. Avoid overbaking. And if part of the meat is baked too much, simply do not eat it. Also, if you are preparing grilled meat on a coal, let the flames get extinguished until only the smoldering embers remain. Then you can put the meat in order to prevent overcooking. If your grill is portable, move it far away from the flames.

3. Do not consume grilled meat too often. And avoid eating to frequently meat that was cooked at very high temperatures.

4. Be careful what you grill. Unlike with red meats, less carcinogenic compounds are formed during the cooking of chicken and fish. However when you overbake fruits and vegetables there is no formation of any harmful chemicals.

5. Use meat containing as little fat as possible. In this way you avoid a separate group of carcinogenic compounds – the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are formed when the fatty droplets fall on the coal. From there these compounds go into the smoke from the grill and get deposited into the meat. Therefore it is better not to grill or bake meats with too much fat. nutzliche Webseite

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