Sitting Down For Long Period Can Be Killing

Sitting Down For Long Period Can Be Killing

Researchers warn us that those of us who want to live longer should avoid sitting down for a long time. The Australian study discovered that sitting down too long may increase the risk of death within the period of three years, even if you perform physical activities.

According to the results of the study, which enabled 222,000 people, sitting too long can lead to premature death. It was revealed that those who sat 11 or more hours daily had a 40 higher risk of dying during the next three years comparing to those who spent sitting less than four hours per day.

During the study the risk stayed the same after considering their physical activity, weight and general health. Those people that sit between eight to eleven hours per day had a 15 percent higher risk of dying. These finding were published in the medical journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Sitting Down For Long Period Can Be Killing

Dr Hidde van der Ploeg, the senior research fellow at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health, said:

These results have important public health implications. That morning walk or trip to the gym is still necessary, but it’s also important to avoid prolonged sitting. Our results suggest the time people spend sitting at home, work and in traffic should be reduced by standing or walking more.”

So, the results of the study show that physical activities are essential for being alive longer since inactive people preferring to sit the majority of time have a double risk of dying within three years than those active ones.
During the three year period of the follow-up, there were fixed 5,400 deaths where seven percents were linked to sitting.

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