Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

Any man looks good in a right suit. Suit up and you’re ready for million exciting things like date, reception, party and many other. It not only makes you look presentable but a good-fitted suit gives you the confidence and power you need to make a good impression or simply feel good about yourself. So here are the practical tips on how to choose perfect suit, the things you need to know about the fit, the fabric and everything else.


Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

Fabric is one key factor that defines the price of a suit. The natural wool is the best option as it’s breathable and looks great. Some wools are used mostly in winter suits as they are heavy and warm like tweed and flannel. They are also durable and hard wearing.

Tropical wool is great for summer since its lightweight which also has its downside – wrinkles. It will also dry cleaning pretty often. So the perfect fabric for your first suit will be worsted wool as it is durable and wearable any season as it comes in heavier and lighter versions.

Suit fabrics can vary in quality. The wool is made from worsted wool yarn which is twisted. 60-80 twist fabrics cost less than than 100 or 110. The most expensive would be 120 wool.

Non-wool fabrics can include linen, microfiber, polyester, as well as the fabric blends can include spandex and Lycra. Linen suits are great for summers but wrinkle very easily. Microfiber is less pricey, it’s breathable and washable. Polyester blends are less costly but aren’t breathable. Spandex and Lycra in the fabric blend make the suit more stretchy.


Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

The jackets can vary in number of buttons, styles of lapels, and collars. The jackets are also divided into two styles single and double-breasted. Single-breasted jacket is more simple it has one row of buttons and the one side doesn’t overlap the other. Double-breasted jacket, which is more formal has that fabric overlap and usually features two button rows.

Vests are worn for extremely formal occasions. In any other times a suit can be worn without a vest. One or two button jackets look modern and stylish while three buttons may look old-fashioned do not mean the fashion won’t change. So it’s good to occasionally flip through modern men’s suit collections and check out the latest trends.

Men with thinner frames can opt for double-breasted jacket to enhance their figure, though it’s better not be worn unbuttoned as may look like it’s hanging. Men with larger frames should avoid double-breast jackets as those are bulkier and may look unflattering adding pound to your figure.

The collar should sit tight on the back of your neck. The shirt collar should be one inch higher than the suit collar. The lapels on your suit’s collar should lie flat on your chest. The sleeves should end at the wrist and the shirt sleeves should stick out a bit further than your jacket sleeves.

The jackets also have the vents and slits at the back below the waist. Those are made to make it comfortable for you to sit and move more freely in a suit. Vents should never separate when you stand straight. Thinner men can choose no-slit jackets while larger men should choose the jackets with two slits.

The trousers that are worn modern days usually do not feature pleats, they are middle-rise and should sit not too tight and not too loose. The cuffs are not recommended for shorter men.

Ties and Shirts

Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

White and blue shirts always work. Non-complex or massive prints can also look good. Belt and shoes should match while the tie doesn’t have to be the same color as the suit. Bows are worn to the parties and receptions as well as weddings. These are usually the color of the shirt or the suit.


Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

Black looks good on everyone. No matter the skin tone or frame black has slimming properties and is very formal. The blue is considered great for interviews it was even name the ‘power suit’. Looks good on lighter skin tones and thinner frames. Brown suit makes you stand out but it works better with darker skin tones and on any frame.

Gray is another color for all skin tones and for men with medium frames. Tan suit works great in summer and spring on men with darker skin tones with medium and slim figures.


Suit Up: How to Choose Perfect Suit

When it’s time for fitting there are certain rules to go by in order not to miss with the jacket or pants. When trying the jacket on make sure it is comfortable in chest, at your arms and back. Stretch out your arms, you should move freely and feel comfortable in it. The perfect length is when you can curl your fingers under the jacket’s hem but the length and at the back and front should be equal.

The trousers should feel comfortable when you stand or sit at the waist, seat and crotch. The hem should not cover more than half of your shoes. To ensure a perfect fit place one finger at the waist of your pants. It should still feel comfortable. Henderson had been serving as interim chief of the how to write a customer service cover letter 45,000-student district since ms

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