Why You Are Always Hungry

Why Are You Always Hungry

You are wondering why you are feeling hungry after consuming a breakfast in the morning, delicious 2-dishes lunch and a full dinner? It happens because some products and ingredients can trick our bodies by not recognizing whether we are full or not, what causes a “rebound hunger”. This “rebound hunger” can easily add couple inches to our waistline. So, let’s find out how to avoid this phenomenon.

Drinking too much soda

Soda, iced teas and other types of sweetened beverages are one of the main sources of high-fructose corn syrup, that contains nearly two-thirds of our yearly norm. Research performed by the University of California at San Francisco discovered that fructose is able to trick our brain and force it craving more food even when the person is full. That happens because fructose impedes the body’s ability to apply leptin, which is a “satiation hormone” that notifies us when we are full.

Eating canned food

Why Are You Always Hungry

Majority of canned foods have high concentration of the chemical called bisphenol-A or BPA, which was recently rated as a chemical “of some concern” by the Food and Drug Administration. This chemicals cause abnormal flow of leptin, which lead to obesity.

Small breakfast

After the long-term studies, researchers came to the conclusion that those who consumer 300 calories for breakfast gained two time more weight than those who ate 500 calories and more. It could be explained by the fact that the bigger amount of calories for breakfast lead to smaller rises in blood sugar and insulin during the day, which decreases the food cravings.

Skipping the salad

Why Are You Always Hungry

A lot of Americans prefer to skip salad intake during their eating procedure, which is a big mistake. As green salad is rich with B-vitamin folate that protects us from depression, exhaustion and weight gaining. During one study dieters with high level of folate lost 8.5 times weight comparing to those with the lowest levels. Green salad leafs are also enriched with vitamin K- insulin-regulating nutrient that quashes cravings.

Avoiding tea drinking

The study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition uncovered that those people who drank a cup of black tea after consuming high-carb had their foods blood-sugar levels decreased by 10 percent during 2,5 hours after the meals. It means they stayed full longer. Researchers link it to polyphenolic compounds contained in black tea that allow hunger suppressing.

Not drinking enough water

Why Are You Always Hungry

Dehydration is often perceived as a hunger. So the trick is drinking a glass of water before the food intake, it allows to limit the amount of food you consume.

Looking at food

Researchers from Flinders University in Australia discovered that removing food out of your sight will help to curb cravings. You may examine yourself by staring at a . I bet the majority of us would still want to try it despite being full. So, stay away from the kitchen when being full. I can contribute new items to these topics by using hashtags in http://goldessayclub.com/ my own tweets

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