Sound Sleep Makes Us Smarter

sound sleep smarter

While we sleep, our brain is working at full speed

Sleep helps people to adapt to their environment. Scientists agree that it supports all brain functions. Deep sleep (called “delta” by the neuroscientists) is crucial for having a good memory. Delta sleep is the type of sleep without which knowledge and experience would not be stored in the brain for a long time.

The sleep – our most valuable information filter

sound sleep smarter

While a person sleeps he is not affected by any external stimuli, during that time the brain carries out a full analysis of the accumulated information during the day. The more information is available for processing by the brain, the greater is the need for delta sleep. While the person is awake, his brain stores more impressions, feelings and information than he needs.

sound sleep smarter

In this context, deep sleep performs two functions. First – it strengthens the saved information, and selects the most valuable pieces, usually emotions or data that will be important for the future. Then they are transferred from the intermediate to the long term memory. Thus, the delta-sleep performs its second function – to make room in the temporary memory that will be filled with new information when you are awake. Therefore the lack of sleep does not lead to the loss of the already stored information, but just makes it difficult to store new one.

Learn a new language while sleeping

sound sleep smarter

Good sleep increases the creative thinking. After healthy sleep, a person has a much clearer view of what has happened during the previous day. Currently, scientists are looking for external ways to influence the sleep. For example, drugs or electrical stimulation can affect the delta brain waves generated during deep sleep.
One interesting technique is that learning a new language can be made much easier when it is combined it with sleeping. The person simply needs to associate the language learning process with some flavor. When the same scent is dispersed near the sleeping man, the things learned during the day will be reactivated and stored into the long term memory.

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