Adidas SLVR: The Futuristic Clothing Line

adidas slvr

Designed by Adidas with the precision borrowed from the sports rigor, the new clothing line SLVR incorporates both classic and casual features. In it we also notice the abundance of inspirations drawn from the spirit of the uniform, accentuated by the use of rigid materials. The collection has some elements taken from the fencing costume, but decorated with colors such as red, yellow and blue with subtle touches that make these clothes come to life.

Sportswear, but not only

adidas slvr

This collection is abundant with sophisticated and elegant silhouettes. In it we notice an innovative and modern design that can only please the eye. Also the particularly clever adaptation of the sportswear side gives an originality to this collection. This line is perfect for the active and dynamic representatives of the male sex. It can also be easily adapted to all situations of everyday life.

adidas slvr

In the age of an increasingly innovative fashion research, any expert would agree that these clothes are well suited for both young and grown up men. This is indeed a beautiful collection that would easily fit in all current lifestyles and movements.

Is this the clothing of tomorrow

adidas slvr

With SLVR, Adidas was able to move forward and not remain in already explored concepts. The German brand marvelously reinvented the garment of the future without sacrificing its sports expertise. Young and avant-garde clothing and uncompromising quality are the main assets of this brand that has always fitted in the fashion trends.

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