How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

 How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

Majority of men do like the way slim fit shirts coupled with skinny ties look on the models, but when it comes to buying these trendy pieces of clothes men for some reason think that they are not for them.

Trends in men’s fashion is cyclical and changes every 2 decades or so. The main trends change from wide ties and broad lapels to skinny pants and ties that look short on men’s body. The previous boom of skinny clothes was in late 70s and early 80s that was admired by the fans of punk. And the same tendency was seen 20 years before- in 50s. See the cycling tendency now? So, according to this tendency, these years is the time of the fashion on slim clothes, which is promising to last longer than it used to do before.

Now that you know that the modern type man cannot just get away without slim fit clothes in his wardrobe, there are some essential tips on the proper wearing and combining slim shirts and ties. Remember, one style mistake is able to make you look like a “wanna be” instead of the really trendy guy, so read through and learn everything about slim shirts and ties.

 How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

Slim doesn’t mean skinny

Slim fit stays for the trim cut, but it doesn’t mean wearing tight clothes. Avoid your shirt, suit or pants pulling or creasing of fabric. In case the clothes is stretched to maximum, then you definitely should buy yourself clothes of bigger size. Remember, clingy is not the slim fit, it is simply clingy, which has to be changed immediately.

Slim fit shirts have higher armholes

It can be uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will soon get used to it. The higher armholes are due to having less fabric along the torso and thus providing a slimmer fit.
The sleeves should have the length enough for hitting the heel of your hand.

 How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

Tailor your standard-fit shirts for slimmer fit

If you have standard-fit shirts that still look like new, don’t rush to throw them down. It is possible to trim down the excess fabric in the parts of body and arms. This will be way cheaper than buying whole new shirts.

It is all about proportion

The skinny ties of nearly 2 inches should be worn along with a shirt that has almost undersized collar. If you opted for a slim tie with the width of 3 inches or so, you may put on a shirt with a more substantial collar. In case you feel like wearing a standard 3 and a half inch tie, don’t bother yourself with the collar width and wear it with the standard-type shirt. Remember, matching shirts or ties in other ways is definitely going to be a style fail, because it looks really out of place. The entire ensemble has to be organic and correspond to one style. The length of the tie has to go down to the belt buckle and that’s indisputable.

 How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

Skinny is for younger men

As a rule, skinny clothes is for men in their early 30s and a little under. If you prefer this look when you are slight over 45, it would form an opinion about you trying to look younger than you really are. Believe me, it is an awful spectacle seeing a man at a mature age being fit like a sausage in his extremely trendy slim-fit shirt.

How to start wearing fit clothes

Just like usual type shirts, slim fit shirts come in different colors and patterns. If you are just at the beginning of your “relationship” with slim fit clothes, you should start your path with shirts of solid colors in order to get used yourself and appear less shocking to your colleagues. If you are a veteran in this field, the variety of colors and patterns should become a usual type for you. The same principle works with ties. The simple black tie is a good start. And once you start feeling comfortable wearing trendy clothes and attracting everyone’s attention, you can opt for a Scottish plaid slim tie for instance. The interesting fact is once you start wearing ties, they smoothly become an essential part of your look.

 How to Wear Slim Fit Shirts and Skinny Ties

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