The Sleep – An Enemy Or A Friend

sleep enemy or friend

If Napoleon was right, all people must be idiots, because he said: “The man sleeps four hours, a woman – five and an idiot – six.” As we all know sleep is not only useful but also essential. But what we do not know is that there are many misconceptions behind this claim.

Sleep – good or bad?

sleep enemy or friend

The French emperor claimed that he had no need for sleep. Surely Napoleon secretly took naps in the afternoon. You don’t believe it? Well, even if he didn’t, he must have been so relaxed during the day that he was able to take a short naps on the horse saddle while riding.
The truth is that the normal sleep rhythm could be easily sabotaged. For example this could be done by a night-shift work or a jet-lag. And such disruptions seem quite normal for us, until one day we realize that a whole society is overworked and overtired.

Less sleep decreases your intelligence

sleep enemy or friend

Many times it has been scientifically proved that it’s important to sleep enough. Insufficient sleep increases aging and damages health. Lack of sleep also weakens the immune system, and increases the risk of arteriosclerosis and digestion disrupts. Also the risk of getting a cold is increased threefold. Sleep strengthens memory. The information that a person has received during the day is processed more easily during sleep. Therefore insufficient sleep makes us both tired and stupid.

Men sleep better in company

sleep enemy or friend

There is already enough evidence that insufficient amount of sleep makes us gain weight. The paradox is that there is so little scientific evidence that would help chubby people could substitute diets with more sleep. How should we sleep? Alone or in pairs? Women rest better if they sleep separately. Men, however, sleep more deeply if they have company.

sleep enemy or friend

On the average people go to bed at 23:04 and wake up at 7:14 in the morning. But those who try to observe this rule might actually not to get enough sleep. Sleeping before midnight is considered extremely useful. However, this is not completely true. He who goes to bed at 10PM, indeed experiences the good sleep phase before midnight. But those who do go to bed at 1AM get their deepest sleep between one and three o’clock in the morning. And such sleep is just as useful as the one before midnight, if the rhythm is observed continuously. What is unhealthy is the frequent change of rhythm, caused by a night shift work for example.

Sleeping long is also bad for your health

sleep enemy or friend

If you sleep more than eight hours you will be more susceptible to disease. A study done in the University of San Diego, California shows that people who like to nap more, are not doing good to their health. The sense of fatigue that they will have, decreases their resistance to stress and disease. The long-sleepers are not only less healthy, but also they are usually in a worse mood than those who rise up early. Aber wenn es ghostwriter bachelorarbeit gefahren gibt, machen virtuelle experimente sinn

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