Dress According to Your Body Type

While the majority of women perfectly know how to dress according their body type in order to accentuate their best parts and conceal less appealing. Men in turn are not as skillful in dressing up, maybe that happens due to the lack of variety of silhouettes. But there are still plenty of ways to embellish your natural features with the help of various dressing tricks. trends, you can still find high rise in the stores. Don’t forget to wear them tucked in order to create as much length as possible.

For men with long legs

Dress According to Your Body Type

In this case, in opposition to the previous case, you can freely wear low-rise pants. Avoid wearing pants on your hips, if the other way- you won’t be able to highlight your lower half. Opt for crew or v-neck knits when it is possible since it won’t draw attention to your waist. They don’t navigate over here see themselves as victims and see obstacles as challenges and adversity as something that will make them stronger

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