You Have To Eat If You Want To Lose Weight

You Have To Eat

Losing weight is sometimes easy, but maintaining it is always difficult. Have you ever wondered why diets do not really help in the long run? Here we offer you few simple tactics about how to get rid of your unwanted weight burden.

Starving yourself is always harmful

You Have To Eat

If you want to lose 3-4 kg before the summer holidays you only need to abide by few basic nutritional principles: vegetables and fruits instead of sweets and alcohol, and whole grain bread instead of white. Diets offered by various online and offline magazines are usually not appropriate. In order to maintain your reduced weight it is important to know that even the minimal success should not be followed by a return to the old eating habits.

Diets can damage your health

You Have To Eat

In reality there are no good diets: because most of them are based on the principle of restriction. The most relevant concepts are those that lead to a change of the food you consume and stabilization of your new eating habits. It’s not about the rapid removal of a few pounds, but a slow and consistent process of losing weight.

It is important to cut off unhealthy foods

You Have To Eat

They can lead to the so-called yo yo effect – a rapid return of the weight that you have previously lost. And what is even more important they can cause problems in metabolism that can lead to various diseases. You should also note that rapid weight loss might stimulate the formation of kidney stones or cause gout. In addition, diets can shake your confidence and self-respect, if they do not lead to a lasting success.

How can you succeed?

You Have To Eat

To avoid the yo yo effect, you need to follow few simple rules. First – not to lose more than 500 grams of weight per week, which corresponds to saving 500 calories per day. Second – to consume less than 1400 calories per day, so that your body would not feel malnourished and automatically reduce energy consumption. It is also important to engage in sporting activities and consume enough proteins so that your muscles will not become weakened during the weight loss. The bottom line is – do not starve yourself!

In the quest for a lasting weight loss method it is most important to gradually change your eating habits, to account for your individual eating inclinations, to allow yourself more flexibility and require less supervision. In this way your food habits have a long-lasting improvement and will become more stabilized.
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