Oscars 2012 Best-Dressed Men

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

The past weekend will be remembered with the most important event in the world of movie making- the 84th Academy Awards, which was filled with not only wins and losses, but also with the abundance of gorgeous outfits. This time women were not the ones who gladdened the public’s eyes. Men, in turn, kept up with their female colleagues and showed how the real men should dress up. I did see men at the Oscars 20120 wearing really good-looking and stylish sets. So, let’s find out who were the best-dressed men at this ceremony.

Tom Hanks

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Tom Hanks opted for a double-breasted elegant tuxedo from Tom Ford and I would grant him the first place in the rating of the best-dressed men on Oscars 2012. The entire look and the way Tom presented it really rocked the red carpet. Tuxedo had the very good fit, its sleeves are of the proper length and width, nice pocket square was neatly sticking out of his pocket. The look was completed with a playful element- hand-tied bow tie. My applause, Tom, what an excellent and solid look.

Colin Firth

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Colin Firth decided not to risk and chose the look by the book. Shawl lapels, hand-tied black bow tie, cuffs of the proper length- all these elements made Colin’s look very elegant and classy. He opted for single-button tuxedo with a really nice fit. Colin Firth followed all the dressing rules for the black tie event and didn’t make a mistake as his look is hard to surpass.

Jean Dujardin

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Jean Dujardin- the most anticipated figure on the past ceremony- decided to go a bit original and added small changes to the standard black tie look by the choice of a wing collar, removing the pocket square and wearing a wristwatch. But in other respects, Jean kept the ordinary red carpet style opting for a classic jacket and shirt, which he coupled with perfectly hand-tied bow tie.


Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

The three-piece tuxedo with slim fit pants is an extraordinary choice for the ceremony outgoing, but not when this tuxedo is worn by Pharrell himself. Besides, the jacket has taping of the matching color, which adds more foppishness to the entire look. Pharrell’s swagger and a classic tuxedo are incompatible things.

George Clooney

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

George Clooney didn’t change his dressing habits again this time and wore the habitual Giorgio Armani classic tuxedo. I personally didn’t expect him appear in different outfit. I understand that this silhouette is safe enough and will definitely take him to the list of best-dressed men, but it is time to go for something different and finally rock your look with interesting details and accessories.

Christopher Plummer

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Christopher Plummer clearly stated with his look that he is still following the and has an elegant taste. Even though his outfit is hard to be called a classic black tie, his great services to US cinematograph allows him tiny frivolities in dressing up for the Oscars outgoing. The velvet jacket spiced with a little boutonniere made Christopher looks luxurious and ideally matches his respectful age. But I doubt this outfit would look equally good on any other man!

Johan Hill

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

The black shirt is considered to be a big no on red carpet ceremony and is prohibited from the technical point of view. But, this rule is worth of breaking when it comes to Jonah Hill’s look. Johan Hill refused going the beaten track, what could end up both ways- either a big style failure or a big success. Well, in my opinion, his outfit turned out to be successful- the jacket with a great fit coupled with a dark shirt became a good tool in slimming his body.  But there is a little mistake in the proportion of his pants- shorter trousers break will play better with the length of his legs as the extra clothes down there draw extra attention to his ankles.

Gary Oldman

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Despite the fact that Oldman left the ceremony without the Oscar, I would rank him among the top best-dressed men at the past awards. His Paul Smith Bespoke three-piece tuxedo performed in black mohair looked gorgeous on him. Moreover, the midnight blue taping on his notch-lapel jacket added more chic to the entire look, which was complemented with a polka-dot pocket square.

Brad Pitt

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Brad Pitt didn’t change his last year finding and continued with wide lapel tendency on this ceremony. He appeared wearing a number that looks much similar to that he chose for the Golden Globes ceremony. Maybe his taste in clothing is suffering from the writer’s block just like his movie activities.

Zachary Quinto

Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

There was a lot of attention drawn to Zachary Quinto this year, so his red carpet outgoing was carefully examined both by his colleagues and fashion critics. But he held this exam with dignity. He opted for a classic tuxedo but the interesting detail like a midnight blue satin lapel on the black jacket made him stand out of the crowd. Besides, the lapel beautifully shined on the sun.


Best-Dressed Men on Oscars 2012

Diddy can boast and excellent taste in clothes. Besides, he manages to wear simple outfits in the perfect performance the way that really makes him look unique and notable. The whole point is about the simplicity and the perfect fit when it comes to Diddy’s style. And this time his black tuxedo had the ideal fit. The jacket with the slim lapel perfectly reflected the red carpet stateliness. Since it started selling its products relatively recently, it has signed up less than 10 school and district clients, most of them in the country’s wealthier and more developed eastern regions, read this coursework such as the jiangsu province and beijing

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