The Best Male Colognes 2012

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Men are not satisfied anymore with the simple colognes composed from just a few elements. It is time for multifaceted compositions with the few levels of various notes, which could be discovered gradually. Unusual pairings of the elements that are initially not intended to be paired and using of rare elements is also a general hot tendency in the men perfume industry. Previously it was hard to find a cologne that would represent the true You, but nowadays it is easy to find a scent that would suit your personality and lifestyle and take your grooming to a new level. Read our list of Top Ten Colognes of 2012 and choose yourself the right cologne.

F by Ferragamo

Despite the fact the company calls this scent an evening one as pepper and lavender are the perfect scents for the office. The Tonka bean contained in this cologne is a full-time ingredient, which brings the aroma of the Italian sprezzatura.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Kenzo Homme Woody

This rich scent gives the complex of wood tones and vetiver. The mint and basil notes are generally conflicting when combined, but in this case they counterbalance the lasting wood tones. This cologne reminds of the previous Kenzo colognes that build the feeling of harmony in our urban lives.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Jack Black “JB”

Black comes with its debut cologne, which is promising to be a deserving contender on the market. This men’s cologne would give you the aroma of fresh London barbershop without transferring into the cheap afterglow. This is the right perfume of the self-confident man that works in the serious office with a strict dress-code.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Gucci Guilty Intense

Lemon and lavender smoothly open the richer aroma of coriander, neroli, patchouli, and cedar. The scent is so intense and balanced that she will never guess what hit her. The bottle of this cologne itself is worth of admiration for its stylish and at the same time laconic look.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Narciso Rodriguez Limited Edition

Musk is the main element of the top, middle and bottom notes of this cologne. We all know what musk provokes for, don’t we? If you are looking for the wild sex tonight, opt for this Narciso Rodriguez cologne. Besides giving the arouse effect, it smells pretty good.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Bond No. 9 New York Andy Warhol

This is probably the most packed and complex scent of this year as it is composed for the variety of elements: musk, vanilla bean and sandalwood are the bottom notes and form a strong platform for the white patchouli, jasmine and citrus and finally hold the top notes of bergamot and cypress leaves.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Cartier Declaration

The bottle performed in the sophisticated French style. Its cardamom and warm cedar notes accentuate the modernity of the scent. Just like a well-suited tuxedo, this cologne is able to make you a good-looking man when applied sparingly.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot

It is surprising how cedar and woodsy floral tones can sound masculine in the combination with the main element- bergamot. This cologne is able to transform you from the ordinary guy to a macho man with all the ensuing consequences like piles of women’s phone numbers in your pockets.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Ben Sherman

If you don’t wear cologne to the gym, buy yourself Ben Sherman cologne. It suits perfectly for the exercising. Such elements as coffee hay, vetiver and musk support the middle notes such as nutmeg and patchouli and have lemon, tangerine and bergamot laid on the top. This scent could be described as crisp and zesty.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

Victorinox Swiss Army Unlimited

With Swiss Army Unlimited you will know what a Swiss Army cologne is supposed to smell like- the wood notes provided by the alpine fir trees and the necessary machismo is supplied by the genepi liquor and absinthe.

The Best Male Perfume 2012

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