Are Contacts Best to Wear in the Gym?

Are Contacts Best to Wear in the Gym?

Part of going to the gym is having the confidence to get involved and stride freely between various exercises. Contact lenses give you the freedom to run, jump and move in a way that glasses don’t. Glasses will always lend themselves to the more leisurely pastimes such as reading, going to the theatre or watching TV, but when it comes to physical exertion contact lenses come into their own. It’s important to feel like you fit in at the gym and contact lenses give you a more professional edge.

Perhaps your gym has a pool or a spa facility which makes contact lenses not just for the best but actually essential. Any activities involving water will demand contact lenses over specs.

Are Contacts Best to Wear in the Gym?

With more and more people leading active lifestyles the demand for contact lenses is rising. Glasses are an expensive commodity and easily damaged if worn in the wrong scenario; wearing contacts not only gives you a sense of liberation and freedom to bounce around, they protect your glasses from damage so are a good ally to your spectacles.

Most people who wear specs will revert back and forth between glasses and contacts according to the situation, and the gym is the perfect example of a situation where contact lenses are the better option. They allow better lateral vision and depth perception and they give the air of a professional, which is important in an environment like the gym where people often feel amateurish or out of place. Contact lenses are liberating and the gym is a prime example of why this is so.

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