The Seven Evils Of Overwork

seven evils of overwork

Let us reason together about the evils of overwork. All of us must have felt its consequences. The late night at the office and the extra work in the weekend can make us feel tired and rundown. The truth is that overwork can seriously damage your health. Therefore despite the demands and the tempting extra payment, we must be able to say no and stop in order to be more productive and healthy individuals.

When working overtime they extra bucks will not matter much if the next day we do not have the ability to face another long workday. We have analyzed the different problems that may arise by working more than necessary and we offer different solutions that you can use about the different problems you may have. And here we give you a promise: If you follow these suggestions you will turn into a more profitable worker. Now it”s in all your hands!


Did you know that people who work over eleven hours a day suffer twice as much  from depression in comparison to those who do the regular eight hour shift. Are you still asking why? Of course the reason is too much stress, the lack of leisure time and not any relaxation. Any device needs to rest at some point… and your body is not an exception.

Solution: Even when buried with work, you should set at least one hour of relaxation per workday. Also you should never miss to take a good advantage of your after work time. If you are not able to do anything fun today, just walk back home to relax. Get yourself some Heineken, put your legs on the table and open the newspaper. The idea is to hold at least a moment of a well-being between the work and the bed. Try it and you will be very grateful.

seven evils of overwork
seven evils of overwork

Back pain

You must have heard about this since you were a kid, but it is more real even than global warming. Bad sitting posture is the reason for 75% of injuries like back pain, neck pain etc. It will be a great pity if you still do not believe it, because sitting in a “unorthodox” way can also lead to higher risk of diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer.

Solution: Just sit up straight, put the screen up at your eyes level at a distance of 50 to 60 inches from your head.


The golden rule says – do something relaxing between when the time when left work and when you get in bed. If we chose not to follow this heavenly admonition we will soon start suffering from a variety of health issues. One such such problem will be lack of sleep. Sleeping from eight to nine hours a day is essential for meet the demands of modern life. But usually we sleep only six hours and try to recover the lost time on weekdays (if there are not a lot of football games). This is a big mistake. If we do not allow our body to rest as much as it needs the fatigue will creep inside it. This fatigue can result in irritation, upsetting, and even impaired memory.

Solution: We do not apologize for repeating this well known fact: Humans must sleep at least eight hours every day. Where was your head when your mother was talking to you about that?

seven evils of overwork
seven evils of overwork

Cardiovascular problems

Beware all ye who read this, working too hard can lead you to the grave! And heart disease is definitely the quickest highway to get there. Too much work may lead to stress, to an increased blood pressure, then to a heart stroke and afterwards in the warm embraces of Mother Earth.

Solution: Physical exercise can help you cope with the stress. Don”t worry too much pals, some golf and jogging will not hurt your beer belly that much. Also a balanced diet (more salad and less sausages) will reduce the likelihood of heart attacks. But if we radically change the perspective with which we face our work and life in general, it will be a godsend blessing. Such blessing will be urgently needed if we feel anxious and nervous all the time.


This is the root of all evil. Legion of problems may arise from this unholy term. Being overwhelmed by work, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, fear and anxiety is a dangerous package the experts call stress.

Solution: Cleave unto relaxation, therapy, physical exercise, and as we said before, a change of perspective, and this will bring the peace back inside you.

seven evils of overwork
seven evils of overwork


Staring at a computer screen all the time can be fatal. Your brain will never rest and will always be active to the stimuli from screen even if you think that you are relaxed when playing the Call of Duty or watching YouTube.

Solution: Try not to take your work at home. Turn off the computer, the iPhone or any other smartphone for some time so that you can rest your eyes. There is nothing like reading a good book (at the right distance, of course) or have a conversation with someone, in order to clear the mind.

The cognitive abilities

Working more than needed can also cause a cognitive decline. The memory and attention problems are severely depleted in people who work around fifty hours a week.

Solution: Work less, whenever possible, of course. Even if society tells you that it is not right, just be relaxed and you will live long.

seven evils of overwork

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