The Next Step of Male Grooming

The Next Step of Male Grooming

In recent years it has become more common for men to take care of their looks. The stigma surrounding male grooming has well and truly disappeared.

Nowadays male grooming goes much further than shaving and the market is now worth millions of pounds. There are moisturizers, shampoos, facial scrubs and other products all aimed at the male market. What’s more, it also extends to hair. Long gone are the days when men just had to get out of bed and live with whatever their hair looked like. Instead men can now have a good hair day every day!

The Next Step of Male Grooming

If men want to straighten their hair and keep it looking its best, has the answer. The best ghd straightener for men’s hair has to be the IV mini styler. The IV mini styler has smaller plates than other straighteners so are perfect for short hair. In fact in 2009 Hair Magazine named it as the winner in the best slim/mini irons category.

For men’s hair it is perfect because the slim plates glide through shorter hair easily. What’s more the ceramic plates are incredibly smooth so that it doesn’t snag on hair. They also heat up very quickly so there is no waiting around for them to heat up, as what man has time to spare to wait for their hair straighteners to heat up in the morning? They also retain their heat and have the same temperature throughout the plates so that you don’t have to go through the same piece of hair over and over again.

It also shuts off if you leave them unattended for too long, so there is no worrying when you are on the way to work that you may have left your straighteners on.

Thanks to every man can have a good hair day and there is no borrowing your girlfriend’s or sister’s straighteners again! It runs the full linux kernel in javascript, and runs great on the ipad, too

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