What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date

Generally it is considered that women are the ones who are supposed to seduce and thus care about their looks, especially on such an exceptional occasion as Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean that men have to put on the same clothes they wear on regular basis. it will look at least non respectful to your date and make your couple look inharmonious, when you will be spending a romantic dinner in the fancy restaurant. But if you two prefer keep it simple and just go to bar, don’t get too dressy, but still try to choose the outfit she wouldn’t normally see you wearing.


As I said before, don’t over try with your look. If the place you are going to visit for a date doesn’t require an elegant suit, don’t wear it, otherwise she might think you are trying too hard. Your look should correspond to the ambiance of the place and to the look of your partner.
Go simple and at the same time stylish by wearing slim fit t-shirt or polo shirt coupled with jeans. Dark denim jeans will appropriately match toppings of almost any style. Denim jeans are dressy enough, but at the same time comfortable and laid back. Finish the look with sneakers or boots, you may also grab a jacket in case it gets chilly. And believe me, your simple, casual and attractive look won’t leave her indifferent.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date

Plain shirt+Jeans

For a more formal look, go for a combination of an elegant shirt with jeans. Avoid wearing trousers as they will make you look too formal and it can become a great turn off. This time you may finish your look with suede moccasins of either darker shades like black or brown or a lighter ones like beige. It will give your look a touch of style.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date


Classy waist-coat is an out of time piece of clothing. It should be in wardrobe of any grown up man. If you conclude your look with the waist-coat, it will add your silhouette a modern look and make you appear confident and serious. The combination of the shirt, jeans and a waist-coat is a perfect choice for the right impression.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date


In case the weather brings the surprise and the typical February freezing cold will be replaced by warm sunny days, a classic men’s blazer will become an ideal complement of the date look. Wear the blazer instead of a waist-coat in combination with jeans and a plain shirt.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Date

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