Recipe for an Ideal Date

What is the recipe for an ideal date? You think there is none and it depends on each particular case/ woman you like. In reality there are a number of basic rules that that successful men around the world follow for many centuries. Those are the rules based on general psychological mechanisms and common sense (which often lack when being in love). No matter how complicated your date is these simple rules can help you your way from the first meeting to the bedroom (or wherever you want to get her) as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You might arrange a rendezvous in fancy restaurant and wear your greatest shirt, but everything can go wrong anyways. That doesn’t mean bad luck – the reason is you’ve done something wrong. Looking through tons of articles on the subject it is not difficult to pick out several ideas that are repeated in this or that form throughout them. It appears that many of these principles are true classics coming from the times of such glorious and legendary lovers as Giacomo Casanova. So what we basically have to do is follow them. We need to try not just to employ, but to make them a part of your approach to things and life philosophy.

So what are those rules all about? I’m not going to keep them a top secret. All you need to do is to make her feel special about herself, make her feel special about you, get her intrigued, get her turned on, and finally appeal to her mercantile drive. Ok so let’s go to a situation when you are in love or let’s say in like with a lady that looks beautiful, smart and desirable to you. The first thing you have to is to take some time and think how to get her. Telephone call? Dinner? Rendezvous? – Whatever you do, think first. Make a plan.

Giacomo Casanova one of the most famous lovers of all time.

1. Make her feel special, do something special.

The first thing you need do is to impress a woman. I’ll never impress her with a saying: “So, what do you feel like doing?” You’ve got to take charge and make a plan to make her a something memorable and special. Good restaurant, home dinner, special concert – you need to have it arranged. And don’t be afraid of a failure – women are very appreciative of any kind of effort.

2. Rely on privacy.

Intimate atmosphere is something that can put you into an absolutely favorable position letting you demonstrate why you are the one she must choose. Invite her to dinner at your place, reserve a cozy table at a nice restaurant, encourage her to leave the party for a starlit walk. Continually be searching for eddies in the evening where you both can linger and connect. Your full attention is actually the best compliment you can bestow to a woman.

3. Let her love the way you admire her.

Compliment is a part that should be given special attention when you get a woman to a private conversation. Pretty women are often told they’re pretty so complimenting her obvious traits won’t probably give you many points. But if you tell a pretty woman that she’s smart or has a talent you can win her heart. Women will find insightful admiration very enchanting. And don’t forget to let her see the effects of her beauty and charm reflected in you – smile and look at her appreciatively.

4. Be interested in her opinion.

Your success with women lies in your showing genuine interest in them. You can touch their hearts before venturing anyplace else. Make women feel valued for things other than their bodies. Since it’s not difficult to get a woman to talk about herself, just ask open-ended questions and shut up.

5. Give your girl something decadent.

Providing your lady with a little decadence at an initial phase can remove a brick from to weaken the temple. This could be a single well-wrapped chocolate truffle or an ice-cream sundae to eat together. A little of indulgence can make a big difference.

6. Consider all her senses.

Once you’ve pleased one of her feelings, you can go to the rest four. You can play background music, touch the small of her back to guide her, make eye contact, give her a flute of champagne to sip, buy her a fresh flower to sniff. Warming up each of a girl’s senses is right way of turning her on and bringing her to want you. When all her senses are purring, she will be, too.

7. Get her tuned on wanting you.

As plan dating a girl in the evening you can make a few preparations during the day. Put a note into her purse saying how much you’re looking forward to this date, or call her at work and tell her the same. When meeting, you can hold her hand and softly kiss her lips. But never rush: let the evening progress at its own pace. It is all a part of foreplay.

8. Play with her

Whether you’re dining at home or at a restaurant, choose something provocative the two of you can share. Put the plate between you and nibble. Eat with your fingers. Feed each other. Make it your goal to keep the evening lighthearted.

9. Surprise her with a gift

An unexpected gift is one of the greatest things you can do for a woman. Make it personal rather than trendy, small rather than large, silly rather than serious – give her something only she can appreciate. Most important, time your gift’s delivery for that critical point in the evening when there remains just one obvious way for her to show her gratitude.

10. Be spontaneous

If the evening isn’t going according to plan, abandon it. Be attuned to fate and go where it directs. The confidence and daring this shows is in itself seductive.
These are little rules that can help you have an ideal date with a girl you like. “Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy.” She argued that researchers and policymakers must take into account the range of scores available on their state’s tests when developing a value-added system

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