Manicure for Men, a Trend of Tomorrow?

yahoo triumph and agony more painful interventions in the name of the ultimate goal – beauty.

yahoo triumph and agony

The manicurist will process your nails with different instruments, so that they can match the form of your finger pads. After that your nails will be polished. They will shine and have a more fresh color, thus the unevenness and the gray shades will disappear. Many salons will offer you special strengthening polishing agent. This is not a clear-coat but a mix of concentrated nutrients that will keep your nails healthy and strong. Finally the manicurist will make you happy by giving you a hand massage using the appropriate cream or butter.

yahoo triumph and agony

Even if you can not overcome your prejudice and can not cross the threshold of the beauty salon, you can make your manicure yourself. And you will be able to proudly hold the expensive pen in your hands without disturbing anyone with the unpleasant contrast – poorly maintained nails.

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