Mark Wright: I’m getting back in shape!

Mark Wright: I'm getting back in shape!

I’m A Celebrity star Mark Wright drew many an admiring glance baring his washboard abs in the Australian jungle. But sadly it appears the usually toned up24-year-old has become loose since those jungle times. He revealed all about his mission to get back in shape on ITV’s Daybreak this morning, confessing that he’s put on a whopping two stone in less than three weeks. He admitted that he had been eating much and not so healthy food. He admitted:

I’ve just eaten so much. I just can’t stop eating cakes, chocolate, crisps, and every Monday I say “right I’m going to stop now, and I just don’t.”

Mark Wright: I'm getting back in shape!

But he was quick to defend himself, adding:

I wouldn’t say I’m porky, I’m just half a stone heavier than I was when I started. I lost a stone and a half in the jungle.”

Mark Wright: I'm getting back in shape!

And it’s not just himself he’s concerned about, as Mark will also be championing the nation’s January bid to get healthy presenting new fitness show Downsize in Dubai.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just going to be out there helping everyone through it and doing a bit of presenting as well.”

He spoke about his past efforts as a trainer, joking:

I tried it with my friends but one of them doesn’t listen- the one being Arg!It’s not going to be easy. It sound like a holiday when you say it’s going to be in Dubai- and obviously it’s a great place to train, it’s better than the UK, but it’s really not going to be a holiday.”

At the end of the week they’re all going to be loving the results and it’s all going to be worth it.”

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