What to Wear on Office Christmas Party: Casual Look

What to Wear on Office Christmas Party

Probably office Christmas party is the only chance in our everyday work routine to see our colleges and chefs in maximally relaxed atmosphere, what can lead either to something genuinely enjoyable or something disgraceful that can become a base for office gossips. Moreover, some office Christmas parties even end with accusing in sexual harassment. But not only your behavior matters at the office party; you have to choose a nice looking appropriate outfit for this day as well.

Dressing up for Christmas is a hard duty. From one side you don’t want to look like a bore and from the other you should avoid appearing unserious. Style of outfit you are going to choose for the office Christmas party should fully depend on the kind of company you are working at and on the kind of impression you want to create. Dress up taking into account the way your colleagues will dress: dressing too fancy or too casual will lead to the wrong impression of you by boss and colleagues.

What to Wear on Office Christmas Party

If you work in a laid back company with primarily young employers and liberal chef, you can probably go for casual. But your entire look should be a little more dressier that you used to wear every day to work. Sweater, shirt, pants or jeans and dress shoes can composite a perfect ensemble for a Christmas party in a relaxed atmosphere. It is a long-standing tradition to wear sweater on Christmas celebration so let’s not break the rules. Just don’t wear a kind of sweater your grandma gave you for previous Christmas, rather choose a laconic one-color or strictly patterned sweater with V-neck.

As for the shirt, don’t be too creative. Choose a plain shirt that compliments the color or one of the colors of your sweater (in case it is a patterned sweater). You can even wear a tie with a shirt in order to look dressier.

What to Wear on Office Christmas Party

Pants or jeans- that can become a dilemma. Plain or striped black, dark blue or dark gray pants will look hot and appropriate on the office party. But if you just cannot get away from jeans, pick out nice pair of fitted jeans of darker shades so you don’t look too casual.

What to Wear on Office Christmas Party

And the final element- shoes. Please, avoid wearing those shoes that you wear every single day to work. If you don’t already have ones, buy yourself nice dressy shoes of black or brown color; patent-leather shoes will look really hot with the entire outfit. The three tweaks, all very popular, can be downloaded from petrich’s repo right now, but it’s the release of a beta build of activator that https://spying.ninja/ is arguably the most important of the three

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