Coat for a Grown Up Man

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Outerwear is the piece of clothes that everyone is going to judge you by. it is an irrefutable rule both for men and women that outerwear, bags and shoes are the kind of clothes that should always be more expensive comparing to the other clothes in your closet. Especially, when it is getting chilly outside and the first thing people will notice on you will be these exact pieces of clothes. So, don’t save on buying these garments.

Coat is probably the most universal piece of outerwear, combining it with clothes of different styles you can acquire either business or casual look. Buy yourself once a good quality elegant coat and you will always look imposing and chic. But before purchasing one, you need to bear in mind few things.

First you should decide what you are planning to wear your coat with most of the times. If you are planning to wear it for work and couple with suits, notice that whenever put on the suits coats may be too slim to fit over your shoulders. In this case you may avoid this incident by buying a coat of a bigger size or find a coat that is designed specifically for wearing over suits. If you are planning to combine it with casual clothes, you can go for a slimmer design that will perfectly hug your frame.

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By the way, peacoats and duffel coats look more organic combined with casual clothes, whereas topcoats are more designed for formal or work clothes. This is because topcoats are longer than peacoats and duffel coats and totally cover the suit jackets, whereas others are cropped higher and leave your jacket sticking out.

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Also you might have differences with finding an appropriate color for your topcoat. I would suggest you to stick up with monochromatic colors like black, grey or navy because they will make up a nice looking combination with everything in your wardrobe. Also it is a classical rule for men to have a coat of one of the following colors: dark grey, navy or black. But I think the color variations for coats offered nowadays give us a great variety of choices: brick-red, camel, beige, brown and dark blue can effectively compete with classical tints and add more style to men’s look.

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