Get 10 percent skinnier in 3 months


Extra weight is the number one issues at the present days, but only few of us start thinking about losing weight and becoming healthy. From the TV screen, newspaper and magazine articles are always propagandized the opinion that extra weight could be overcame by active way of life, healthy food habits and refusing from eating after 6 p.m. But, as a rule, only overeating leads to overweight in most cases. So start thinking about reducing the amount of food in everyday portions what will lead to reducing the appetite.

Weight reduce should become a gradual process; first of all cut off the 5th part of your usual size portion. After the meal you should drink tea or juice in the amount bigger than you used to drink. This simple rule will let your stomach remain full. So, your body will get fewer calories than usual for one food intake.
Enzi of wyoming, the top republican on the committee, said he thought that the blueprint stayed true to secretary duncan’s promise to be tight on goals for student achievement, but looser than the nclb law on how districts and schools must get there

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