Polo Shirts: An Essential Item Of Clothing

Polo Shirts: An Essential Item Of Clothing

Men’s polo shirts seem to be a staple in nearly every man’s wardrobe. You open it up and there you will find an array of polo shirts in different colours. But why is this? Why are they so popular?

In a word, a polo shirt is simple. It is a top that is between a shirt and a t-shirt and is therefore neither smart nor casual. It is a half-way house that so many men find extremely convenient.

Take, for example, a trip to a friend’s house for dinner. You do not want to over dress as they are your friends and you do not want to create a formal situation, nor do you want to go so casual that they may feel you made no effort. Therefore you put on your polo shirt, the happy medium.

As they come in so many colours you could in fact purchase one for every day of the week; blue for those blue Mondays, yellow to brighten up your Tuesday, red as you get to the half way mark, black for Thursday, so you look official and ready to work for the rest of the week, leaving a nice calm green for Friday. There you have a brilliantly colourful week by just having a few simple polo shirts in your wardrobe.
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