Suits for Autumn/Winter 2011

Suits for Autumn/Winter 2011

The suit never goes out of fashion, especially for the working man, and this is no different in Autumn/Winter 2011 for mens clothing. In fact, to be fair, the style hasn’t changed all that much since men started wearing business attire. Here are some of the key looks for autumn/winter 2011.

Skinny and slim fit is still going to be big this year, but perhaps a little less so than it has been. A well fitted and clean cut style is more important than being able to see every muscle!

Single breasted suits are going to be the most fashionable cut for 2011/2012 as opposed to the double breasted style of 2009/2010 and it will have a couple of looks available:

Sleek Cut: Slim to medium lapels, a low upper button and a small breast pocket.

Classic Cut: This cut boasts peaked lapels and will appeal to the man who likes something a little different from the average Joe Public. It’s all about the masculinity and this cut wouldn’t look out of place on an Army Major.

Double breasted suits will still have their place, but instead of the slightly baggy cut of yesteryear, it’s tightened up a little to show off the broad shoulders and slim waist of today’s man – or give the impression of them if you don’t have them naturally. The cut known as “Kent” after Prince George, Duke of Kent is shaping up to be the most up to date cut. It has a longer lapel line, going all the way to the waist and helping to make you look a little taller; a very flattering cut that will make you feel as well as look great.

The three piece suit is making a comeback this year due to the recent popularity of the waistcoat. Forget the mismatched style of the early eighties – for 2011 everything should be the same material and colour. Don’t go for a cut that ends just under the collar, as these can be difficult to wear and a deeper ‘V’ shape is a lot more flattering. Waistcoats can be worn alone over jeans on more casual days and look great, so are versatile.

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