How To Wear Turtleneck This Fall

How To Wear Turtleneck This Fall

Turtleneck is a one hot trend this season and it is a very versatile style that can be worn with casual pants and jeans as well as with a suit jacket and trousers. There are plenty of designs, fabrics and color options. Chunky knit turtleneck sweaters can also be easily incorporated into an everyday fall wardrobe.So here are some ideas of how to wear turtleneck this fall:

Wear It Instead of Shirt

Wearing a turtleneck instead of shirt can give your look a quick makeover. Wear it with a smart-casual suit or a blazer and jeans. To slim down your silhouette a bit opt for dark shades from black to navy blue or dark green. If you have short neck dark colors will also help elongate it a bit.

Wear It As Sweater

Turtleneck sweaters especially those bold chunky knit ones can look great on their own as well as under the jacket if they fit together. It’s both worn and trendy as well as you can add some color to fall/winter wardrobe with these chunky knit sweaters.

Pick Flattering Color

Turtlenecks come in a variety of colors. Choose those that suit your frame and skin. Darker ones slim you down while lighter ones visually enhance you. Bright-colored turtleneck can be contrasted with a dark-hued jacket or blazer or coat. But this could also be done vice versa – bright jacket and dark turtleneck.
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