What to eat before, during and after sport traning?

Which food will benefit you as you are training? Some kind of meals are really handy, while others can harm. Thus, you should totally exclude the fats before, during and after the exercises. Carbohydrates are extremely necessary as they will serve you as your personal “fuel”. Thanks to it you will have more energy. Proteins will be helpful too because they will help you to build your muscle mass. So, what to eat before, during and after the sport trainings?


You may eat solid meal such as porridge an hour before exercise. If you are hungry and want to eat more, for instance big portion of soup, it will be better to do this 1,5 hour before going to the gym. In order to increase muscle mass, it’s recommended to eat a big fruit of apple, pineapple or berries 30 minutes before training simultaneously drinking some protein beverage.


Don’t forget about drinking during the exercises. It’s not necessary you will feel the urge to drink while your organism suffers from dehydration. So, right before training drink one glass of water, and then as you are exercising drink (just a little) every 15-20 minutes. You can also take just squeezed fruit juices (not which are sold in supermarkets) diluting with water. The best choice is orange juice.


It’s very important to eat during the next 30 minutes after exercise as you will built your muscles. All what will be eaten in this period of time will transform into muscles not into fat. So, you can drink juice of the vine or cranberry since liquid carbohydrates are more beneficial. During the hour after training it’s recommended to eat protein rich foods. Your portion in this case should be equivalent to size of your palm. If you want to build muscles, then foods containing fats is not the best choice. Besides during the next two hours after exercise don’t consume caffeine (coffee, tea, cacao).
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