How to wake up fresh in the morning?

Everyday you have to wake up, do morning staff, have breakfast and run in order to be on time at your office. So, it happens that you want to sleep the whole day. You have a bad mood. The productivity of your work is getting lower and the only thing you are dreaming of your smooth bed. Is it familiar to you? How to change the situation? You can’t avoid getting up early in the morning, so, you should do your best for improving your present condition. Here are some simple things you can do for making yourself cheerful.


What can really make you leave your warm bed is your favorite music in case if it is dynamic. Music is known as a good transmitter of emotions. That’s why, in the past, music heartened the soldiers as they were subjected to fight with enemy. So, if you want to beat your desire to sleep, then turn on your tracks ten minutes before you should get up, and the music will gradually help you.

Physical exercises

Music can provoke you making exercises. Physical activity is the second recommendation in the awakening out of sleep. Doing exercises makes your body waking up, you will fell more energetic afterwards. Besides it is recommended to choose the outdoor activities such as jogging or bicycling. Since the morning air is fresh, you will become healthier as well.


After the exercises, it’s logically to have a shower. So a slightly cool shower is more beneficial comparing with the warm one. Cool shower conditions to the cold, stimulates and increases metabolism. Combining physical activity with coll shower will also prolong your life.

Motivation for getting up early

Have you noticed that when you are waiting for something desirable will happen to you in the morning or just the next day, you become more “effective” in your attempts to wake up earlier. So, here is an obvious advice. If you adore your work, it will be your best stimulator. However sometimes work is not that thing which inspires people to get up. Find your own “motivator”. It can be everything. Maybe you will try to deceive your brain by creating an artificial reward for your “exploit”.
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