Luxury Watch Collection: Chanel J12 Chromatic

Luxury Watch Collection: Chanel J12 Chromatic

Chanel have recently launched their new luxury watch collection called J12 Chromatic. It’s classic and stylish and features titanium ceramic body that provides years of service. The silver-gray shine of the case is changing hues depending on lighting.

The collection consists of 7 models available in three sizes 33, 38 and 41 mm in diameter including two models with round and baguette-cut diamonds. The case also was made using the polishing technique which gives it a beautiful color. Chanel J12 Chromatic luxury watch collection is a great choice for modern men who want fancy watch with jewelry touch. Though the whole design is sleek and modern the blings give it an bit too much of shine. To my taste, at least. What do you think?
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